Multi Area Narcotics Task Force

(M.A.N. Unit)


Defiance, Ohio



Seizure of 44 Pounds of Methamphetamine


Successfully Removing Illegal Drugs From Our Streets

Giving our Children A Better Place to Live



Serving Northwest Ohio

* Defiance County                                * City of Defiance

* Putnam County                                * City of Bryan

* Williams County

Public Brochures

*      Drug Awareness

*      Methamphetamine Awareness

*      Prescription Drug Awareness

*      Homeland Security

Anti Drug Links Informational Links

* Stop - LSD *OCJS

* Ecstasy (MDMA) *Buckeye Sheriffs' Association

* Reality Check (Marijuana Education)


* Telephone Wiretaps

* Search Warrants

* Tips From The Public


Contact Information

E-mail address Web address Office phone 419-782-8709




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Last revised: Date June 28, 2005